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The Best Bets for Blackjack Online

Many novices to the game of Blackjack believe that the only bets you can place in Blackjack online is the initial bet. However, there are many other best that can be placed to further increase your winnings. Taking advantage of these bets is what can separate you from being a break even or losing player into a winning player. Not of these bets are worth taking though and you should know which ones are better than others.

Double Down

This double down bet is one the most lucrative one can place in Blackjack online. When you are dealt a starting hand anywhere between 9 and 11 you can do what is called double down. You also must match your initial wager in order to perform this bet. Once you double down, you are dealt one more card, and that’s it. Even if you are dealt a two, you cannot take any more cards and your fate lies with the deck.

The purpose of doubling down in Blackjack online is to take advantage of when the dealer has a bad up card. This is when they show a 5, 6 or some other low card. It should always be used when you have a total of 11 for your first two cards. Also if the dealer shows a ten, you should not double down unless you have eleven.


When you are dealt two of the same cards, you can split them and get two new hands. You have to place another bet identical to your original to do this however. The best times to split are when you are dealt two 8′s or two Aces. Since having two 8′s equals 16, the worse hand in Blackjack to have, you stand a better chance of winning by splitting them and getting two new hands.

When you are dealt two Aces, you also have a bad hand. They only total 12 or 2, which isn’t all that good. Also, by splitting the Aces, you stand the chance of getting dealt two Blackjacks. At the very least you will potentially get two better hands which to play.


The two previous bets are ones that you want to make in blackjack online. The insurance bet is one you never want. When the dealer is dealt an Ace as his up card, you will be offered to take insurance against the dealer having Blackjack. This is one of the worse bets one can make in Blackjack and should never be taken. It can be tempting to take the bet, but it should be avoided at all costs.

Where to play Blackjack?

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